Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Using Apple's shiny new toy for blogging

When I first saw the iPad concept I thought "yeah yeah, done before and was never really successful then" there have been tablet PCs on the market for a long time now but they never really seemed to capture the imagination of the buying public at large. It's not so much the concept that was at fault but much more the implementation. For the tablets to work, the operating system has to be optimized for that environment. the first thing that struck me about the iPad was the choice of OS; like many I was expecting a cut down version of OSX and was extremely surprised (initially) to learn the iPhone OS was the chosen vehicle. But, after a little cool headed consideration, this choice made sense. After using the device for a few days I have to say the choice was inspired!

I've owned just about every type of processing platform since the release of Sinclair's ZX80 many years ago. I've tried many mobile computing devices from laptops to the first Palm Pilots. All claimed to be life changing objects, all claimed to reinvent the way I lived and worked on the move. None really delivered on the promise until the iPhone arrived. (although laptops did, of course provide comprehensive computing anywhere) Well now we have the iPad and, for the first time, I really do believe we have something revolutionary. I'm typing this Blogpost on my my new shiney smooth wonder and the whole experience is a complete joy. I'm not going to provide a review of the device as many already exist; suffice it to say I'm a convert. I was initially a sceptic and tried to find many reasons why it just wouldn't work for me but the simple truth is I was wrong, the iPad is simply brilliant!

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